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Mission Partners

We support a number of mission partners that work throughout the world, reaching out with the good news of Jesus.


Rosemary and Colin Sheldon

Rosemary and Colin Sheldon are involved in leadership in a small church in Dublin. In addition Rosemary is involved in working with ladies through Bible Studies and Colin has been teaching Bible Explorer in some of the schools in Ireland for over 20 years.

Simon Percy

Simon Percy works for Equipping Pastors World. Their mission is to train and resource pastors who have had or expect to have little or no training in preaching faithfully from the Bible and training some of them to be training their fellow country men in the same task. More information about Equipping Pastors Worldwide can be found at

Tim McMahon

Tim McMahon works in Central Asia training pastors and others from Central Asia to work in gospel spreading mission in their homelands. The training is currently through online training programmes but the aim is to establish and continue to support colleges in various of the countries in the long term.

Andy and Rachel Mugford - Counties UK 

Andy and Rachel Mugford work for Counties UK as Evangelists based in Maldon, Essex. They are involved in leadership of their local church where they lead the evangelistic ministries and in supporting other churches in planning for outreach into their communities. More information about Counties' work throughout England and Wales can be found at

Sean Wood - Agape

Sean Wood works for Agape in the UK Global Missions department. They have projects in various countries ranging from humanitarian to evangelistic, and for students or communities. He is based with his wife Kristina in Blackmore. More information about Agape UK can be found at

Richard Gibson - International Mission to Jewish People

Richard Gibson works for International Mission to Jewish People and is based in Leeds with his family. More information about International Mission to Jewish People can be found at

Christian Education Project

Christian Education Project offers Christian based teaching in schools around Redbridge free of charge and is involved in support of and mentoring Christian pupils in some schools. More information about Christian Education Project can be found at

All information is correct as of April 2023. 

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